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Evocative, Spontaneous, Atmospheric

Photographing moments of intimacy, moments of exhilaration, of excitement. Moments of joy, moments of togetherness,
of tenderness.
Welcome to Peter Bradbury Photography.


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My passion is photographing people and documenting life. weddings are where people and life come together 
and i love being there to tell the story.

My photography style is natural and largely un-posed. A little bit of direction and a certain amount of positioning is employed where necessary, but otherwise I try to let situations unfold organically, seeking to capture the unique qualities of a wedding, individual, event or landscape.

ClientCloth & Cut
“clothing inspired by military, outdoor and workwear classics, fabrics and construction.”

ClientDandy The Vandal
Photography for abum release

Creating natural, timeless photos 
for you or your business

People are different, look different, interact and behave differently so I never use a set formula when taking photographs. Nothing is forced or artificial.  I try to read and react instinctively to the individuals and location in order to really capture true personalities and moments, making
my photography both personal and intimate.


Birmingham, West Midlands
United Kingdom


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